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Unlimited Data

Our service utilizes a wireless signal from the nation's fastest 4G LTE networks to provide you high-speed data up to 50+ Mbps Download.

An Internet Provider for Everyone

We have the best options for families, RVers, gamers, streamers, remote workers, and anyone else who needs reliable data. Choose from one of our unlimited WIFI plans and get started today. No contract, no installation, no lagging.  

10-Day Trial Period. No Contract!

Our 10-day trial period will ensure you're satisfied with the service or your money back. Try it for 10 days and experience rural internet revolutionized.

Best Solution for Rural Areas

Our multi-carrier internet solution covers even the most remote areas, bringing unlimited, blazing-fast, and low-latency internet.

Tired of Dealing With Buffering?

Finally, there is a better alternative to satellite and DSL. Our wireless broadband service boasts speeds of up to 50+ Mbps download and low latency so you never miss a moment.

For Home Internet

Perfect for families that use lots of data for streaming, gaming and web browsing.

For RVers

Enjoy nation-wide coverage and high-speed data while RVing across all 50 states.

Computer MonitorHigh Speed Streaming
6 features Rural America has been waiting for
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Internet ANywhere

Coverage across all 50 states, even in the most remote areas. Our broadband service is available to over 95% of homes across the nation.

Multi-Carrier Technology

Our WaveNet device will automatically switch connection between the major carriers based on the most optimal signal in your area.

No installation

You do not need to mount or install anything! Our device comes plug and play right out of the box and will instantly connect you to the internet.

Connection Stability

WaveNet utilizes eSIM technology which means if one carrier fails for you, our device will automatically switch to the next best network.

Unbeatable Data offers

Our service is perfect for families who use hundreds of gigabytes of data with some of the data best rates offered in the industry.

Unlimited data

We believe our customers deserve data at all times. Enjoy blazing fast speeds for gaming, streaming, surfing the web and more!

Premium Data Plans

10 Day Trial, No Risk, Money-Back Guarantee. Nation-Wide Coverage.
Available in 50 states.
200 GB Plan

✔️ 200 GB of High-Speed Priority Data

✔️ Speeds up to 50+ Mbps*

✔️ Dual-Network Carrier Service

✔️ Equipment Included

10-Day Trial Period Included

80,000+ Emails

10,000+ Hours of web surfing

200 Hours of streaming video

10,000+ Hours of gaming

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Best Value
300 GB Plan

✔️ 300 GB of High-Speed Priority Data

✔️ Speeds up to 50+ Mbps*

✔️ Dual-Network Carrier Service

✔️ Equipment Included

10-Day Trial Period Included

80,000+ Emails

10,000+ Hours of web surfing

300 Hours of streaming

10,000+ Hours of gaming

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Unlimited Starter Plan

✔️ 550 GB of High-Speed Data

✔️ Speeds up to 50+ Mbps*

✔️ Dual-Network Carrier Service

✔️ Equipment Included

10-Day Trial Period Included

80,000+ Emails

10,000+ Hours of web surfing

500 Hours of streaming

10,000+ Hours of gaming

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Unlimited Plus Plan

✔️ 850 GB of High-Speed Data

✔️ Speeds up to 50+ Mbps*

✔️ Dual-Network Carrier Service

✔️ Equipment Included

10-Day Trial Period Included

80,000+ Emails

10,000+ Hours of web surfing

800+ Hours of video streaming

10,000+ Hours of gaming

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*Speeds are not guaranteed and may vary depending on network conditions. Data use rates are estimated.
After the high-speed data allotment speeds are slowed to 512 kbps.
Equipment is leased at $0/month. Plan price does not include an additional $3.99 admin fee

What Our Customers Say

Customer ReviewerCustomer ReviewerCustomer Reviewer

WaveNet is where it's at. A+ Service and Customer Care. I thought I was going to be stuck with satellite but I am so glad I was able to find this service.

Ronald Starnes, TN

I've been with Wavenet for a year in November and they've been a great service provider. I gave 5 stars because I've not had any issues with them since I started, they have excellent customer service and respond immediately.

Patricia Byrd

WaveNet has no comparison in the wireless internet space. After going through multiple companies looking for reliable service, I can say WaveNet has been by far the best option. Their plans are dependable and the customer service is the best around. I would recommend them to anyone.

Guy Stevens, Indiana

Frequently Asked Questions

If you receive cell signal in your area, chances are this service will work for you!
To check for coverage, you may fill out this form and we will verify coverage for your location.

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How does this service work?

WaveNet Broadband utilizes brand new vSIM technology and the existing 4G LTE networks to bring internet
to our fellow rural Americans across the country.

We simply ship our device to you and it is plug and play from there! 

Our device will automatically connect to the cell tower in your area and broadcast a WIFI network for you
to connect all of your devices to the internet.

Is this service good for gaming and streaming?

This service is excellent for both gaming and streaming as speeds can reach up to 50+ mbps download
depending on the area and unlike traditional satellite service, you can experience ultra-low ping rates
perfect for online gaming.

Is this Unlimited data? What happens when you reach your gigabyte usage limit?

Yes, our service is unlimited data! Once the high-speed data allotment is reached, your service will continue
with unlimited data at 512 kbps download until the data reset date. However, you can easily add additional
high-speed data at any time!

What makes WaveNet the best option for home wireless internet plans in rural areas?

WaveNet understands the specific internet needs of people living in rural areas. Our eSIM based technology offers a better option than DSL or satellite. Using existing 4G LTE technologymakes WaveNet the best internet provider in rural areas.

Can I travel with my WaveNet router?

Yes! Wherever you take your WaveNet device, whether RVing or vacationing, you will receive internet as
long as there is cell coverage in your area. All you have to do is plug it in and the device will immediately
connect you to the internet.

Why is WaveNet 4G LTE internet among the best internet options for rural areas?

WaveNet is from a rural area, so we understand your needs. Our 4G LTE internet offers convenient, flexible, and most importantly, fast internet rural areas deserve. WaveNet is committed to closing the coverage gap between urban and rural areas.

Internet access can be tricky if you live in an RV. Why is WaveNet the best internet
for RVers?

WaveNet is the best wireless internet for RVers because of our unlimited data plans combined with our
multi-carrier solution. With WaveNet, you can count on having all the data you need plus continuous coverage as your signal jumps seamlessly between carriers.

Wireless internet options for rural areas seem to be limited. How does 4G LTE home
internet work?

WaveNet’s 4G LTE internet works in nearly the same way as your cell phone’s data plan. Our wireless routers use technology similar to the SIM in your phone. This gives your home continuous, reliable internet via existing 4G networks.

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