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300 GB Multi-Carrier Plan $109.99/mo

- 300 GB High-Speed Data - Tri-Carrier Service
  • Connects to multiple network carriers
- One Time Activation Fee of $100
  • Option to split into two payments
- Equipment Included
  • Leased at no additional cost for the duration of the service
- 10 Day Money Back Trial Period.
  • No contract or credit check required!

$ 263.98 USD

$ 163.98 USD


Product Feature

This cutting-edge multi-carrier eSIM router connects to multiple carriers and switches between networks on the fly, ensuring you always enjoy optimal speeds and unrivaled reliability. CAT 6 router up to 300 Mbps download.

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I'm incredibly satisfied with WaveNet. Their connection has been consistently reliable, with excellent speeds, and their customer support team has been prompt and helpful whenever I've needed assistance. I highly recommend their service.

Guy Stevens

Lovely Customer

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I've been with Wavenet for a year in November and they've been a great service provider. I gave 5 stars because I've not had any issues with them since I started, they have excellent customer service and respond immediately.

Patricia Byrd

Lovely Customer

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WaveNet is where it's at. A+ Service and Customer Care. I thought I was going to be stuck with satellite but I am so glad I was able to find this service.

Ronald Starnes

Lovely Customer

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So glad I stumbled upon this mobile broadband company! After dealing with terrible rural internet for ages, this one actually works!

Tyra Menderlen

Lovely Customer

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