➝ Unlimited High-Speed Data Plan: $149/month

➝ Equipment: Leased at no additional cost
➝ One Time Activation Fee of $150


No Installation is required, our device is shipped to you preconfigured and is plug and play!


***Service can not be used in third-party devices***



✔️ No Contract

✔️ No Credit Check Required

✔️ No Data Limit

✔️ No Throttling

✔️ Unlimited 4G LTE

WaveNet Unlimited Red Plan $149/Month

$199.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price
+ $150 Activation Fee(Option to Split Payment)
  • Each plan includes 10 days from the date of RECEIPT OF DEVICE to test out the device and service at no risk. If the device or service does not meet your expectations and you would like a full refund for both the First Month of Internet and the Activation Fee, the device must be shipped back within 15 days from the date at which you received it. Devices returned after this period will not be entitled to a refund for either the First Month of Internet orthe Activation Fee.

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